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Omegle still has real people!

          Am incercat intr-o seara sa intru pe Omegle, ca trebuia sa il plagiez de mult pe Stefan. Si nu am reusit. Pe langa zecile de link-uri cu negromani care erau dispusi sa-si arate bijuteria genetica, am dar peste un englezoi de 22 de ani cu care am purtat o discutie de peste o ora. Din fericire nu a fost nevoie sa il plagiez pe Ciumpalau. Uitati papa pentru creierica (scuzati unele din greselile mele de scriere sau brainfart-urile) :

Stranger: hi
You: hello
Stranger: how are you today?
You: I'm pretty good
You: you?
Stranger: I am having a lazy Saturday.
Stranger: Where in the world are you?
You: Romania. It's actually Sunday for me now
You: how about you?
Stranger: I don't know too much about Romania. I heard its illegal to teach evolution in schools there, is that true?

Stranger: I am in the UK.
You: is evolution a subject in the UK?
Stranger: No. But it is an important part of Biology.
Stranger: it is taught here.
You: in this casse, we have this as well
You: case*
Stranger: so evolution is taught in schools?
You: i guess in the upped grades
Stranger: Fair enough. That is good to hear.
You: i don't recall having been taught it yet though
Stranger: what age are you?
You: I'm 16
You: you?
Stranger: I am 22.
Stranger: I knew I wasn't imagining it.
You: To be honest, this is the first time on Omegle, and it was for trolling. But it is nice meeting somebody serious around here

You: people like you are rare here
Stranger: It depends on the interest you put in.
Stranger: I find most people on science are nice.
You: i realised what the problem with evolution is in romania
You: people are religious here
You: we have a class specially for religion in school
Stranger: what religion is the dominant one in romania?
You: I for one am catholic
You: but most people are orthodox
You: i think that's how it's spelled
Stranger: I was raised catholic. I don't know anyone my age who believes in god though.
You: I don't believe in god myself
Stranger: Religion is seen as an old fashioned idea.
You: what I hate most about religion is that people stuff it up your throat
You: people in romania are old fashioned
Stranger: yeah. Theyre afraid of people really thinking about it for themselves.
Stranger: Its impossible to do with the internet.
You: you won't find old people who don't believe in a god
You: You know what i believe in? The sun. At least I know it exists.
Stranger: yeah.
You: And it helps me.
Stranger: I like humanism. The idea that were all just animals who are fairly intelligent. And were all really fairly similar so we should be nice to one another.

You: After all, we're not too different from animals anyway.
You: Sometimes I find animals more intelligent than people.
Stranger: exactly! We have 98% the same DNA as chimpanzees.
You: so why should we think we are so important?
Stranger: I dont think we are, especially in terms of how big the universe is.
Stranger: But other people is all we really have in this big dark emptiness.
You: right
You: and speaking of universe
You: do you think there is life anywhere else?
You: i really believe there has to be
Stranger: Yeah, I think so too. Definitely simple life, bacteria and stuff
Stranger: I wonder if there are any advanced civilizations out there though.
You: anything that counts as a life form is good for me. There should be advanced civilizations as well
Stranger: do you think they will be nice to us?
Stranger: will we be nice to them?
You: it depends on how dangerous we seem to them and vice-versa
Stranger: well historically humans dont like to be the second in command. The native americans were no threat to European settlers.

Stranger: but they still did horrible things to them.
You: yes, but we're talking about other civilizations
You: that might not be like us
You: who knows what they might think of us, presuming they are more advanced.
You: they might see us like we see chimps
Stranger: I doubt they'll even care. Why try to explain calculus to an ant?
You: and we don't really bother with chimps
Stranger: ha, exactly.
You: yes.
You: This conversation is the most intelligent thing i've done today
Stranger: If they don't teach it in your schools, this is a less than 10 minute video that explains natural selection very well. Its actually pretty interesting.
Stranger: bookmark it, watch it when you have the chance. :)
You: i like thinking that people commiting suicide are people who were not strong enough to face natural selection

You: thanks for the link
Stranger: np. :) Well, I think humans have kind of reversed the process.
Stranger: We don't adapt to our environment anymore, we make our environment adapt to us.
You: that makes us not very flexible
You: i never thought of it this way
Stranger: and when you think about it, ideas evolve much faster than genes.
Stranger: When I tell you about my ideas, they "reproduce" with all the ideas in your head.
You: nice way of saying that
Stranger: and eventually through all this spreading, someone gets the idea to invent a new vaccine.
Stranger: but this only takes decades, not millions of years.
Stranger: thats why the internet is so important.
You: so it's not that we evolve genetically, but we have the ability to memorise, emphatise and put into practice

You: people using the internet seem much more open minded to me
You: either open minded or stupid and horny
Stranger: A human with an iphone has the power and knowledge of a god.
Stranger: haha, yup
Stranger: If, when we get to roughly 90 years old, someone figures out how to end aging and make people live forever, would you want to?

You: no, people have to die, so others can be born
Stranger: Well if we can colonise mars and grow food in labs and resources and space arent a problem.
Stranger: what about then?
You: and still
You: people would want to reproduce
You: not necesarilly for evolving but maybe just for fun
Stranger: well its a big galaxy
Stranger: it will be a while before we fill it up.
You: and will it be good to populate many planets?
You: think about wars that can start
You: because somebody wants power
Stranger: if resources are infinite then why go to war?
You: power
You: this also happens now i believe
Stranger: but again, the most powerful king has the same resources as the lowliest peasant
Stranger: power doesnt really exist anymore.
You: tell that to the the big guys
You: that fight over it
Stranger: Power WONT exist is what I mean.
You: i for one want to, one day, have a nice family and a decent income and i'm good
You: I hope you're right
Stranger: Well I want to live to see the last star in the milky way burn out.
Stranger: then I'll die in peace.
You: I'd like not to die in pain of any sort.
Stranger: does it scare you to see your parents get older?
Stranger: It terrifies me.
You: I'm not scared. But that does not mean i don't see it.
You: I know i'll die sometime as well
Stranger: can I rephrase my original question then?
You: the only thing that makes me sad is that they look like they do everything they do to raise me
You: yes you can
Stranger: Someone gives you the choice:
Stranger: Die right now this very instant or live for a billion years. Which do you take?
You: well, i don't want to die right now cause i feel i have not accomplished anything major yet
You: i said it earlier, i want to have a family and a nice income and then i'll be ok
You: everything over 75 would be fine for me
Stranger: so youd take the billion years?
You: yes, even though this wouldn't please me
Stranger: That's the thing though. Everyone will ALWAYS want one more day.
Stranger: Its easy to talk about when youre a teenager and death is a very distant prospect.
Stranger: but if youre an old person and it is close, you will probably feel very differently.
You: it depends
You: i think
You: i never thought about dying
You: i mean about me dying i mean
You: lol
You: stupid mistake i made
Stranger: I think mortality really hits home in peoples late teens or early twenties.
Stranger: Youre not stupid, youre just young. Everyone your age thinks that way.Stranger: not that Im very old or wise myself.

You: i wouldn't really want to think about dying unless i have my life sorted out
You: professionally and in terms of family
Stranger: life will never be perfect though.
Stranger: No matter how rich you get or how good your family is or how hard you work
Stranger: you will always have problems.
Stranger: thats not to depress you
Stranger: but its just the way life is.
You: how perfect is a perfect life?
You: i'm not looking up to a perfect life
Stranger: well if you didnt have something to fix you wouldnt get out of bed in the morning I guess.
You: i want it to be good
You: and theoretically it is for me
You: so i could die
Stranger: I gotta go stranger. Great talking to you though. :)
You: Have a nice evening.
You: It was nice
Stranger: you as well.

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